There are not many areas within your home where you can create an immediate visual improvement quite like the exterior of the house. If you’re looking to improve the value and aesthetic look of your home, considering painting the exterior of your house would be most advantageous.


One area where a lot of homeowners fail, is they overlook the preparation required before beginning to actually paint. The best way to get a good painting finish is to make sure you have a good painting surface to start from.


If you’re repainting your existing house be sure to inspect the exterior walls and trims for any sort of deterioration, including shipping, peeling and other imperfections in the surface. If your home has any sort of mildew on the painting service you may need to get hold of a bleaching solution and clean this off before starting. The next thing to do following this, would be to make sure you get a high pressure cleaner for removing all dirt and old paint that maybe blues on the existing surface.


After cleaning the exterior the heart of the home and your painting service, you may need to do some patchwork if you have imperfections in the surface. Take particular notice of areas around window and door frames and fascia boards.


To make the best of your new paint job make sure you Prime the surface with a good quality sealant. Then of course you’ll need to consult with your local painting store to find a paint that is of suitable quality for your surface.


Before actually getting to this point, you will need to give careful consideration to what colours you will use to repaint your home. There are so many choices available it can become very overwhelming, so my suggestion would be to take a drive around your local neighborhoods and have a look at the colour combinations used in other homes that you like. You definitely want to make sure that your new exterior paint job will have street appeal and improve the value of your painter brisbane

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