Exterior House Painting – What You Should Know About HOA

exterior house painting forestdaleDo you know that Homeowners’ Associations or HOAs in your subdivision can also affect the choices you have on your exterior house painting? In some cases, they may prefer the paint colour choice made by the majority and not the individual.

While HOAs mostly protect property values by enforcing their members to conduct routine home maintenance, you may also get confused if there is a real need to get a permission from them when your vinyl lay sidings require the needed painting.

Don’t worry because most HOAs are harmless as they are the ones responsible for creating public basketball courts, cleaning the streets, and trimming the trees. However, there are others who have more restrictive regulations so to be on the safe side, better consult them if you are planning to paint your home exterior.

Some HOAs may even require you to an HOA-certified painting company while others will just limit your colour choices to a couple of neutral hues. If you intend a different colour choice though, you may have to go through a couple of board meeting with them so that you can get their approval.

Problems with HOAs may happen if a neighbour complains about the colour of your house exterior or if the colour you chose is not allowed. They may even give you a fine in the process if you do not comply. But do not be mad as they are just doing what they can to make everything organized.

However, you have to document everything. If you already got their approval for your colour choices and someone complains, you will need evidence of original colour approval. The good side though about this is that they do not care what colour choices you do in your house interior so you will have a lot of great choices to choose from.

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